Farewell Linden Labs… you’ve had enough of my cash. Hello Speculoos… you may well get some of mine!

In the light of my recent acqusition of a completely free sim on Speculoos.net, a new Belgian grid using Open Sim and connected to other grids through Hypergrid I have had to seriously consider whether my small land holding plus the obligatory premium membership of Second Life can be justified, now that I spend less and less time in Second Life.  It will be a big wrench giving up my home of over 12 months on the coast at Jenesis, but I can no longer justify the cost.  Suffice to say that I have been happy there, and have had some great times with my friends there over the months, but things move on, and given the financially streightened times we live in, SL is simply too expensive.  How LL justify what I consider to be extortionately high charges for sim rental when compared to Open Sim I’ll never know.  Sim hosting for other grids starts around $10 a month for a sim comparable to one in SL, (supporting 15,000 prims), though that has to be supported ones-self, nonetheless, the difference is a glaring one.



Though I am giving up my premium account, and my home in SL, this does not mean that I am leaving SL, though, as at present, my visits shall be fairly infrequent as I have so much more to do on my sim in Speculoos, and in Open Sim itself.  I am experimenting with a Diva Distro implementation, which will reside as a standalone on a pc here in RL, and be accessed by me only initially until I can sort out things like loopback and Hypergrid connections and then I’ll open that up for a chosen few visitors.


So, as of midnight 11 March 2012 Susannah’s home at Jenesis shall be no more.  Sad to go, and sad to leave behind me wonderful neighbours Pat and Jenn.  Thanks for being such good neighbours.  If you haven’t yet visited my little home here on the coast, then be quick.  From Sunday 4th of March until midnight on the 11th, I shall be making my parcel open access, so you will be able to wander around without fear of being bounced by the security.

For the adventurous of you, you are more than welcome to come and visit me in my new, and much larger home in Speculoos.  To visit you need to create an account in OS Grid and from there Hypergrid to Speculoos.  For the uninitiated, Hypergrid is just the ability to teleport from one grid to another, something you won’t be able to do in SL until hell is just about to freeze over.  To arrive at my home there simply type ‘speculoos.net:8002:redoutable’ (without the quotes) in your Map Search window and press ENTER twice.  The system might complain that ‘no such place exists’ but please persist, Open Sim is nothing if no clunky at times!.  If that fails, teleport to Belgium Jump in OS Grid and then choose ‘Residences’ from the Teleport board there.  My sim is a short walk/fly to the south from the landing zone.


~ by susannahavonside on February 14, 2012.

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